Beyond love

The Complexities of Marriage

Even the best of friends must work hard to maintain their relationship. Marriage is even more complicated. Adding kids, in-laws and other family members, and additional financial responsibilities makes it even more complex. Sadly, about half of all marriages have failed or will fail. Here are three reasons why marriages often don’t work.

What can go wrong?

Major Issues During a Marriage

Argue Argue
Poor Communication

Many people talk a lot but fail to listen. Communication involves sharing, hearing, and understanding. It’s important to discuss your complaints and negative emotions to avoid misunderstandings. You can save your marriage through good communication, but it takes time to learn to talk to each other without blame and pointing fingers. Spend time in your marriage talking with each other about the good and the bad.

Anger Anger
Anger and Violence

Getting angry isn’t a problem unless it becomes destructive and violent. Bitter words spoken in the heat of the moment cannot be taken back. If you are a hothead, learn to remove yourself when you get upset. Come back and talk to your spouse calmly when you are both calm and more relaxed. If domestic violence does occurs, you should get to a safe location before considering a discussion of reconciliation.

Debt Debt
Finances and Debts

Finances are often cited as the most common reason people get divorced. A lack of sufficient money can stress a marriage. Even if you both earn a good living, different spending and saving habits can cause conflict. When children are involved, a marriage can sometimes reach a financial breaking point leading to a divorce. In these cases, a child support attorney will have to step in and negotiate a fair settlement for the wellbeing of the children.

When Marriage Fails

Is Divorce an Option?

Many people believe that divorce means a failure in life. It’s sad when marriages end, but divorce can be a beginning of a new life without conflict. Divorce may not be the perfect option but it does give you space to co-parent with someone you can’t live with anymore. Work hard to make your relationship work. If it doesn’t, don’t live in conflict and regret.